August 29, 2007

So Katie and I are taking the FOCCUS test on Saturday.  I’m really scared.

I am often afraid of questions that force you to answer absolutely one way or another, when you really might feel in the middle.

The Sister who helped design the test (originally in Omaha) is currently being sued by the diocese for embezzling $280,000 over something like 15 years.

I worked out like a mad fiend this morning.  I stationary-biked 5 miles, too.  Zero-impact; bad knees; good stuff.

I feel really great.  Like a real adult.  I go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am, I work out in the mornings and I just got a George Foreman Grill from Target for $16.  College gets you into bad living habits, like staying up until 2am, sleeping until 1pm, eating junk, wasting time.  Therefore, nobody should go to college.  Ever.


Katie let me borrow her iShuffle.  I’ve thought that these things are the skeleton key that opens the cage to every anti-social personality trait found in every American.  Now, I’m sure that it’s true.  But why would I want to talk to you when I can listen to my tunes?  I think it’s great.  It has Katie’s songs on it right now, which is good because it gives me unfamiliar songs to enjoy, though once I get sick of them, I will return to my own songs, which bore me.  Oh well.  It was nice while it lasted.

See (insert sibling’s name)???  I broke up with it before we even developed a relationship!!!


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  1. The Focus test is fun!  It allows you to say everything you hate about your future spouse and his/her parents, and you are completely absolved!  
    Just remember one thing:  Any discrepancies on the test can be easily blown into a big deal.  All you really need to agree on is how to spend money, openness to children, and what color towels will go in the bathroom.  
    “She wants to live near her family, but I don’t,” is a bridge you can jump off when you get to it.  It’s a discussion we have had, and God answered it. 

  2. Your script is too dark

  3. That whole bit about “insert sibling’s name” better not be referring to me… I’ll have you know, I have been in a relationship for almost SIX months now! SIX! I guess I kind of did break up with Iggy before we even started dating… But he just wouldn’t go away, that’s why I came around. Take this lesson and apply it to Katie’s iPod. Err… I don’t know where I’m going with this. My roommate’s cat is trying to drink my smoothie. Toodles.

  4. I thought the focus test was stupid. there were some things that i felt like there was no good way to answer. And it doesn’t always end up showing things correctly because based on some of mark’s answers he was afraid of me at times and was not comfortable with my drug use (both of which are very untrue). so I told father that it was the only thing i felt like was a “hurdle” that we had to jump in the whole marriage prep process. The engaged encounter weekend is definitely the best part of prep stuff. Its always nice to get away and have some alone time.

  5. Fr. Meinrad suggested we go on the engaged encounter, if we had time, but it wasn’t really required.  He knew our pro-life stance and openness to life, as well as our understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage from taking “Sacraments and the Liturgy” from Dr. Nicholas.  So we only had to take the Focus test. 
    Furthermore, was it Tim and Erin Turntine who went on engaged encounter and the sleeping arrangement included the future spouses sharing rooms?  It varies from diocese to diocese, but some really couldn’t do a worse job.

  6. Theoketos said

    Wichita’s engaged encounter was awesome. The Foccus Test is not a big deal.

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