September 5, 2007

I’m pretty sure Sam Brownback isn’t going to make it.  He had a speaking event in New Hampshire at St. Anselm’s Political something-or-other and nobody showed up:

It’s really sad.  This is my fear for any event I put on for the youth – that nobody shows up.  I feel sorry for the guy.  It’s at times like this that you almost want to just tell the people to go home.

Like suddenly, the volunteers are leaving…
So I really want to be a big music dude.  Singing and leading people in worship.  So I need to write songs.  The problem is that I don’t write melodies very well.  My songs are more like unmetered poems.  I like them, but I can’t figure out how they could be songs:
These dull and grey distractions smear the image in my heart
And prey on my fears that I’m not who I’m supposed to be

So come and find me Lord

The lost sheep of your fold

The land has swallowed me

And I can’t rescue myself anymore


My feet are turned around

I face what is right and walk the other way

I cannot walk straight

For all my struggles Israel is my name


For so long I thought it was you

The one who left me


Send me an angel to define my path

And show me where I went wrong

Lord, where have I gone?

Your Wind has blown away

The dust of corruption in my heart

Leaving a weakened soul,

Trembling from the fault of turning away


My last breath gulped the sorrows of this life

Praying for mercy and crying for help

Seeing my brokenness next to your holiness

And knowing you were my only hope


Blessed be God

Blessed be His Holy Name

Blessed be Jesus

True God and True Man


You came to find me

You opened the tomb

Stepped into my death

And called my name


Blessed be the Name of Jesus

Blessed be His Most Sacred Heart

Blessed be His Most Precious Blood

In the Sacrament of the Altar


What if I laid in my tomb and refused to come out

If I rested in my sin and slept in death

Let it not be so, my Lord

Let it not be so.



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  1. I don’t feel sorry for Brownback.  He did it to himself. 
    He’s pro-amnesty for illegals, and doesn’t really seem to have any problem with allowing illegals to vote, steal identities, etc. 
    So what if he’s pro-life, all but one of the other Republicans are pro-life, and they aren’t afraid of letting people know where they stand.

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