September 7, 2007

I hate people my age.  I mean, generally.  Like, in America.  Like, people who like Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is an imbecile.  He wants to abolish the IRS, CIA, FBI, and just about every other major Government entity.

He was asked about how then America would protect itself through intelligence gathering to which he replied, “It didn’t work in the first place and we had September 11th.”  And then people my age gave a rousing applause. 


He wants to sit down and talk with groups and countries that support terrorism or are terrorists and understand what they feel so that we can “get along” with them.  People my age applaud.


He suggested that 9/11 happened because American troops were already elsewhere in the region and “how would we feel” or react if “they were in our backyard?”  People my age applaud.


Rudy Giuliani stopped him during the debate and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody blame us for the 9/11 attacks.  I would like to ask that the Congressman retract his statement.”  People my age applauded.


So many people my age are like friggin’ monkeys, drawn not to shiny objects but to fast-talking, emphatic, unreasoned answers and explanations. 

Maybe it’s more like moths to a flame…


3 Responses to “”

  1. Ron Paul is impractical.  He talks a big game, but his ideas are unrealistic.  He wants to leave Iraq by encouragin Iran and Syria to help build democracy and stability.  Neither Iran or Syria are really democracies. 

  2. whteroses said

    That Ron Paul, he makes me laugh. I don’t know much about politics, but I wonder how that man came to be a congressman.

  3. P_Obrien said

    The trouble with politics in general is that it is mob politics. Who ever puts on the best show wins. It is a contest, rather than a chance to serve. Americans like to say we embrace non-conformity and then they follow each other around like sheep. Baa.

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