September 18, 2007

So yesterday, I put my TV, DVD player, DVDs, xBox and games in the closet.  I moved the mini entertainment center to a better place, filled the shelf with books, the top with pictures and the cabinet with blankets.  It’s nice.  Though, now I have a huge blank section in my room.  This weekend I’m going to buy a table and some chairs.  I think it’s a little too much to think that I’d be able to find/afford chairs that are big enough to fit me comfortably.  I also need a poster for the wall – I’m thinking something religious.  I already have the Sacred/Immaculate Hearts, The Prodigal Son, the Sistine Chapel, God Separates the Sun and the Moon from the S.Chapel, Virgin in Prayer, and The Angelus.  So give me suggestions.  I really like Caravaggio, but they don’t make posters of his stuff.

I’m thinking: Disputation of the Eucharist, The Last Judgement, Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Hillary’s mandatory health care plan is a straight shot at Wal-Mart.

Isn’t this a story for hope, not destruction?

Here’s one for the Harden family:

vetus schola

The shirt is too busy.  I don’t think it’ll work.


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