Philosophical Toy-Making

November 8, 2007

Greying Japan has a new weapon to scare people into saving for their retirement — an exploding piggy bank.

The “Savings Bomb,” which goes on sale in Japan next week, “explodes” and scatters coins if users fail to save for a long time, toy manufacturer TOMY Co Ltd said Thursday.

The battery-powered toy — designed as a cartoon-style, ball-shaped black bomb with a skull and crossbones logo — lights up, makes a noise, shakes violently and scatters coins if it is not topped up for a long time.

“Users must pick up and collect the scattered coins and reflect on their laziness,” the Japanese company said.

Japan has the world’s oldest population and one of the lowest birthrates, raising fears of a future demographic crisis with a smaller pool of workers financially supporting a growing number of elderly.
“…and reflect on their laziness.”
Goodness.  I think this takes toys to a higher echelon of design.

I should get one of these.

Of course, I don’t exactly save coins too often.

For gas prices to go down, the demand must also drop.  So buy less gas and the price will ease off.

I just love it how we Americans think we have nothing to do with the gas prices. 
Geez Louise, it costs a ton because people will pay it.  Why shouldn’t the gas companies make record profits when people will buy their product for whatever they charge?
America can’t imagine driving less.  I have to take Johnny to football everyday and Betty to volleyball everyday and go to the store before we drive out of town this weekend.  Perhaps gas shouldn’t be looked at as a separate expense; rather, it should be seen as an added expense to football or volleyball, which would go into the decision to participate in those activities in the first place.
You know what it is, it’s the destruction of the community.  Nobody knows their neighbors anymore.  I didn’t have a billion activities when I was a kid because I had friends that lived on the street.  The activities I did have were once or twice a week (horseback riding, karate, youth group) and never at the same time of my life.
Companies where thousands of people work are in the cities rather than the suburbs, which necessitates a morning commute of a probable average of 30 minutes.  In huge cities, it’s even a longer drive – 45 minutes, an hour, more.  People don’t live where they work so the gas is a necessity.


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