December 4, 2007

Everything is winding down.  Less planning is done and the hours seem to be getting longer.  I finish my work and go home.  Nothing awaits me at home.

So sometimes I read.  I often watch movies and as of late, the second season of 24.  I play video games.

But how valuable is my time?

I’m a capable dude, able and not afraid to make decisions or follow the leader.  I work hard when it is necessary.  I can be very productive with my time.

In light of this, is it better to be sitting on my butt doing nothing by myself than to actually spend the value of my time more wisely?  There is a lot to be said for relaxation, but I think this moves beyond relaxation into simply filling nothing with almost nothing.

I wrote the local soup kitchen an email in hopes that they would have something for me to do in the evenings.  Not every evening, but maybe a couple each week.  And maybe Friday during part of the day.  We’ll see.

Every time I hear “Feliz Navidad” (which is about every 15 minutes), I think of Big Bird on ice skates.


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