December 12, 2007

Ron Paul is going to be in Des Moines today at 1pm.  I had thought about going just to make Chuck jealous, but I was afraid that my boos in response to his inevitable call for an immediate withdrawl from Iraq would get me eaten by his rabid supporters.

Ooooogaaaaa!  I am so done working.  I am on break-mode.  I have zero desire to get anything done.  Zero.  Nothing.

What adds to this is that I actually have very little to do.  If I had a lot to do, the pressure would move me to move.  But I don’t.  So it doesn’t.

My entire car was encased in 1/2 and inch of ice.  It was strange.


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  1. Robots don’t eat people.  They shoot them with their laser-beam eyes.Whatever you do, don’t use heat to melt the ice.  Hot water or fire on cold glass will crack the glass from thermal shock. 

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