February 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton: “Both Senator Obama and I would make history,” the New York senator said. “But only one of us is ready on day one to be commander in chief, ready to manage our economy, and ready to defeat the Republicans. Only one of us has spent 35 years being a doer, a fighter and a champion for those who need a voice.”

2 things:
1. She’s going to defeat the Republicans on day one of being president?  How?
2. She always says things like ’35 years of fighting’ or ‘advocating’ or something like that.  She actually has done very little, if anything in the last 35 years – that’s why she uses terms that are lacking an outcome.  At least she’s honest in that.

I got jeans from Land’s End for $30.  Thanks dad!

If you search on facebook, you might find a group I just created.  It’s called “Youth Directors Who are Losing it Up Top” and it’s for bald(ing) youth ministers.  Because I’m going bald.

There are all these pictures where people have tagged me from the march for life, but they’re all from behind since I was leading the group with my red hat on a stick.  I want to go through and tag my bald spot.

Does rogaine really work?


One Response to “”

  1. Dude, premature baldness is hot.  I’m dead serious.  I think John might be going bald and I am so excited about it! 

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