March 4, 2008

I have had a beard for over a year.  This is quite an amazing feat, especially since I hadn’t been able to stand it for more than three months until May of last year (after which began the fourth month).

I initially grew the beard to hide the scars on my face, so to speak.  Life had become exceedingly difficult and I felt that I needed to differentiate myself from others and from my previous hurting self.

People still consider me to be rather young.  I suspect that this will continue until I reach about 30 years and have a bunch of kids running around.  My beard adds several years to my face in addition to making me cool because it’s totally indi-rock.

Katie loves my beard.  Being from the military family that she is, it’s probably just her subconscious mind rebelling against her parents because facial hair is against regulations.

I really like my beard and I can sense that if I shave it off, I will immediately regret it.

But I want to shave it off and I have no idea why.

Katie and I have discussed the beard situation in regards to our wedding photos.  We both believe that a clean-shaven face is much more timeless than a beard.  I imagine that I will shave and immediately grow it back.

Tuesday thoughts…


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  1. Shave it.  Beards are fun and all that, but you should shave it now so your skin isn’t in that crazy reacting-to-new-dermatological-circumstances where you’re breaking out and having funky patches of skin discoloration when your wedding approaches.  Well, that’s what John’s skin does when he first shaves it, so I’m speaking entirely out of circumstantial knowledge rather than actual research. 
    That in mind, you might just want to shave it because you just got over being sick.  I hear that’s fairly common among the bearded.   

  2. I shaved mine off last week for the police exam.  I miss it, and I forget to shave every morning.

  3. k8harpster said

    Shave it after Easter :)  Symbolic of the Resurrection. 

  4. shave it… you can always grow it back.  don’t wait to shave it the week before you get married because then in your wedding pictures it won’t be the ‘authentic’ you because you don’t look like that all the time… you don’t want to make katie feel like she’s marrying a stranger.

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