March 6, 2008

Being the safe guy that I am, I went half way with my beard.  I shaved it into a goatee.  It’s a good thing I decided to shave it so long before our wedding because the area where my beard was is totally white.  It’s not really noticeable, though somewhat.

Onto another topic:

I feet, legs, knees, hips and back really hurt.  My intuition tells me that it’s because of my feet and I need a custom-made insert for my foot.  I went to The Good Feet store here in town where they do exactly that.  Upon walking inside, I encountered a large image of Dallas Cowboys legendary running back Emmit Smith.  He was there, smiling, letting me know that it was safe to trust this company. 
From the back of the room, a young woman approached and asked me how I was doing.  She stopped about eight feet away from me and was chewing something (it was about 12:20pm).  After a couple volleys of conversation, it became apparent that she was French or at least a Canadienne (further, Quebeckian).  She didn’t tell me anything I couldn’t find out from the web page, handed me a brochure and FAQ and again retreated to a safe, eight foot distance.
Being the Andrewcentrist that I am (and everybody should be), I figured that this foreigner was avoiding some aspect of my person.  Perhaps it was my uncut hair, two-tone white and pink cheeks, wrinkled shirt.  Just another dirty American.  None of these things I could change, so I ignored the situation, though even as I write this I wonder if she was keeping her distance because she was eating and was unsure if she had her meal on her face.
Just as well, I am a dirty American and I appreciate her distance as it safeguarded me from catching the disease of her Socialism.

I write about this because other than my being a bad driver and eating Q’doba, it was the most notable thing about my day.
Other notable things:

I woke up at 10am exactly without an alarm.
I asked for medium salsa on my burrito and was delivered mild.
Nebraska drivers are far FAR less patient with fellow Nebraska drivers than they are with those from Colorado (I just changed my plates a few days ago)
I read two chapters of Vince Flynn’s book Act of Treason.  Book 7 in a great series.

It’s 2:48pm and that about sums up my day.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Qdoba is sooooo good…

  2. I finished “The Third Option”.  It wasn’t as good as Transfer of Power, but not as bad as you made it out to be.  

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