April 1, 2008

I feel like so many people are trying to control me.

It’s difficult because, in my mind, I don’t need to justify myself to really anybody but my boss.  It’s something I realized while I was in Colorado.  I would often leave for a weekend to see Katie.  At first, I would tell people that I was leaving.  What happened is that, to them, my going to see Katie wasn’t worth missing XYZ.  To me it was and so they saw this as me being a slacker.

So now, I generally don’t tell people when I’m leaving because then I’ll fell like I need to convince them that its worth it.  Likewise, I generally don’t ask people why they were gone – for the same reason.

I shouldn’t have to justify my reasons to the peanut gallery.


Q: What did one embryo say to the other?

A: Some day my prints will come! (hold up your hands and wiggle your fingers)


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