April 8, 2008

A couple of Catholic University students won a design competition for the Pope’s altar and chair for his visit to America.

It’s 10′ x 4′ and has a matching ambo.

I just don’t get it.  Why would you need to design something with such an old (see 1970’s) style?  Just rip the altar out of one of the ugly churches in any city in America and save yourself the trouble.

It’s like there’s this desire to make the table of the altar look like it’s defying gravity.  Either that or it’s elvish (look at the drawing over his left shoulder).  And on the front of the altar… 5 crosses?  Why 5?  Does it mean anything, or is it that 7 would look too crowded.  Given the immense catalogue of Catholic imagery, I’m glad they went with 5 crosses.  I’d hate to see a lamb or Melchizedek or a pelican or loaves and fish or maybe a devotional like a cross with the M through it or an image of Mary on one side and St. John on the other or St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s idea of having the image of a manger.

No.  I think 5 crosses will do.  Thanks.


2 Responses to “”

  1. It’s as if these people did not a single bit of research of Pope Benedict XVI’s tastes either.  He’s big on tradition and liturgical reform, yet it seems as if the powers that be have never read a word of the popes liturgical statements since his ordination.

  2. k8harpster said

    Who judged this contest???  YIKES.
    You are so funny!

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