April 8, 2008

Anybody else want to throw up out their eyeballs?

When life goes crazy, it really goes crazy.

Katie and I could really use your prayers.  Lots of big decisions coming up.  Trying not to lose mind.  Almost failing.

On another note,

I hate waking up harshly in the morning and thus have quite an aversion to alarm clocks.  I have a radio alarm that also has the option of the psycho-buzzer sound.  If I use the radio, I generally lay in bed and listen for about an hour, which is useless.  If I use the buzzer, I wake up in a panic and I feel really out of sorts all morning (it’s loud and there’s no volume control for the buzzer).
Then I had this really great idea: Set the radio to pick up the static in-between stations.  So far it’s worked pretty well – It’s soft enough that I don’t wake up the instant it goes off and it isn’t entertaining.
Today, it was too soft and it had been going off for about an hour before I woke up.


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