April 16, 2008

I’m watching the Pope’s visit to the White House.  President Bush said, “I want to welcome you to America with the words of St. Augustine, “Pox Take ’em”, ‘peace be with you’.”

Texan speaking Latin…

I really like how President Bush winks at everybody.  I guess it’s because I really enjoy people who can take things in stride and are even somewhat laid back.


On another note, John McCain is proposing a bill that will cease the collection of tax on gasoline from Memorial Day until Labor Day.  While I would love a 18.4 cent break on gas, I see a lot of problems with this idea.  The biggest issue is that at least in the weeks following Memorial Day and the weeks approaching Labor Day, there will be loooong lines at the gas pumps.  Gas stations will frequently be out of fuel because everybody will try to cash in on the deal as much as possible; filling up every gas tank as frequently as possible.  The rush might, might, drop off in the middle of the summer, but I still think that it’ll be really difficult to find a gas station that isn’t out of gas 50% of the time.  People will travel more and consume more gas in places that haven’t been as travelled and don’t hold enough gas.  I could even see this as increasing the total cost of gas because the demand will be so high that the actual price of gas will raise to compensate.  I estimate that the demand will increase the price of gas by 18.4 cents by the end of the summer.

Of course, I don’t know anything about economics.


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