May 19, 2008

Goodbye youth ministry.

Katie and I are gettin’ hitched on June 27th (39 days) and then we’re moving to Shreveport, LA where I will be a theology teacher at Loyola Prep high school.  Don’t worry, there aren’t any Jesuits.

I’ve never been a teacher before.  I’m really nervous because I don’t want to totally fry.  I have this vision of being worked 60 hours a week and drowning because I don’t know how to teach, the students running over me and me not being able to fill an entire class period.

I really need somebody to tell me how to enjoy teaching; what to look forward to… I’m not teaching English.  If I don’t find whatever it is that is rewarding in teaching, I’m gonna burn out in three days.

Hopefully, my blogging will pick up a little.  I’ve been kinda crapped on lately by people at work and there hasn’t been much for me to write about other than that.

But now:

1. Katie and graduated and I have begun to see her every day for the rest of my life.
2. I am quitting my job so everybody that’s been giving me hell for the last 9 months can take a flying leap.
3. I will be taking a siesta/unemployment for the entire month of July to which I am greatly looking forward.
4. I could totally go for some Mexican food right now.  Something in a corn tortilla… yeowza!


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