June 3, 2008

I’m going to see the Old 97’s tonight in Omaha at the Slowdown

  • Outside My Window…is my future father-in-law sanding the deck
    I am thinking...About what time Katie and I should be at Slowdown tonight (show starts at 9pm)
    I am thankful for…the lady at my hip.
    From the kitchen…came a ham and cheese sandwich!
    I am wearing…shorts, big white shoes and my Lockheed Martin t-shirt
    I am creating…an increasing appreciation for politics in my fiancee.
    I am going…to jet out to Sonic with my babe and get a couple Ocean Water slushies.
    I am reading…the Discernment of Spirits re: St. Ignatius spirituality.
    I am hoping…that Obama won’t win and McCain won’t be a crapface.
    I am hearing…Rush Limbaugh
    Around the house…is a nice glow of an almost clean living area.
    One of my favorite things…rock with the sun shining and the windows down.


2 Responses to “”

  1. HA!!!  “Crapface!”  I love it!

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