December 29, 2008

Yeah, I know it’s been over six months since I last posted.  I find that I have been putting it off because I don’t feel like typing a huge update of all the fun things going on in my life.

I now have something else to say besides an update.

But here is a short update:
1. I got married on 6-27-08 and my wife is absolutely wonderful
2. Katie and I moved to Shreveport, LA
3. I teach Theology ala Dr. Rziha/Sri to Juniors in high school

Ok, now onto my thoughts.

I’m not a physicist and I don’t know a whole lot about water and displacement and such things, but I think there could be a major issue with Al Gore’s idea that the ice caps will melt and New York (and many other places) will flood.
I believe that I heard once that the ice caps are insanely huge pieces of ice that are floating in the ocean.  If this, indeed, is the case then we have nothing to worry about – even if “global warming” melts them completely.
Take, for instance, a glass of water with ice.  Regardless of the water/ice ratio, as long as the glass is not overflowing at the onset of the experiment, it will not be overflowing at the end.  It is because the floating ice displaces it’s mass as it floats in the water.  Actually, because of the air trapped in the ice, it is possible that the ice cube displaces more volume than the water contained in the cube itself – in which case, if the ice caps melted, the oceanic water level would decrease.
Go right now and get some ice and a glass and watch the water level before and after the melting.  Try it!


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  1. YAY!!!  A post!!!And yes, I am going to try that ice thing.Gore is such a windbag…

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