Healthcare cut off her nose to spiderface or something

June 12, 2009

Confusing, I know, but we’ll get through this.

Smoking is bad. Right? Smoking related illness kills 440,000 people every year (about 36,000 per month). On Thursday, the Senate voted to increase the extent to which cigarette nicotine can be regulated, as well as limiting advertising ability of tobacco companies. Safe to say, the likely intention of the Senate is to reduce the number of smokers since they are a… drag on the health care system.

If I were a flat republican, I’d have a huge problem with this, as it flies in the face of strict capitalism. However, I consider myself to be a Catholic Conservative. Behind all the politics and rights and who can do what and opinion, we are all people, created by God, with a specific and common human nature. In the biggest picture, the purpose of politics not to enforce an ideology, but to create conditions of the social life where people can more readily better themselves (GS 74). Outside of a particular political system, it is important for the government to protect society from things that may cause them harm such as smoking, drugs, pornography, murder (abortion and assisted suicide), and so on. Guns are not included, as the government often cannot protect a person from an immediate violent attacker. This is not to say that a nanny state is required, but that the state must be involved in removing from society things that run against a person’s human nature; against their ability to attain happiness.

So tobacco companies are getting muzzled a bit. This would be fine except for the fact that in February 2009, this same Senate passed legislation for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) that expanded free heath coverage to an addition 4 million individuals (who have ‘modest’ income and do not qualify for Medicaid). Big deal? Yes, for many reasons; most immediately because it is set to be paid for with taxes taken from… drum roll please… If you guessed cigarettes, you’re absolutely correct! Tell him what he’s won Melvin – it’s a Kimball piano – absolutely correct! The future of health care will be dependant on that which sickens people!


Interesting that the girl in the video mentions flu season. With the new pandemic level for swine flu, I think it might be good to quickly put things into perspective, 36,000 people die from the common flu each year; H1N1 Swine flue has killed 145 people.

The only sense this makes to me is if there is such an incredible health care crisis, the Obama administration will have an “excuse” to step in and take over the nation’s health care. Similarly, though for another post, if FOCA passes, the USCCB would be and has declared that it would be morally obligated to close all Church run hospitals – creating just such a crisis for the government to step in.


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