June 30, 2009

Well, since Drewbie decided to give me some authorship in his blog, let me say a few words about myself:

  • I’m a 20-something living in Middle-America, but born and raised in the Mitten.
  • GK Chesterton has had a profound influence on how I think & see the world.
  • I am entering a Benedictine monastery in August.

Some previous thoughts on:
Discernment I & Discernment II
My backstory

Much of my writing will have little to do with politics– D is much better at such discourse than I. My hope is to contribute more on reflections & maybe share insights and syntheses that strike me. Also count on some thoughts on the works of GK Chesterton, Tolkien, & Lewis. I’ll likely sign off in August, but until then will gladly share my thoughts with y’all out there.



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