Earth Full of Lab Rats

July 2, 2009

I think people tend to associate random illness or physical pain with their past sins. In olden days (see: the Bible), it was commonly thought that sinfulness led to physical infirmity as seen in John 9 when people asked Jesus if the man born blind was in such a state because of his sin or his parent’s. Matthew 9 shows Jesus seeing a paralytic lying on a stretcher and telling the person “Courage child, your sins are forgiven.”

Ok. I’m the paralytic thinking, “AND???”

Yeah, the guy is healed in the end, but Christ shows quite vividly that spiritual sins do not cause physical infirmity. At least not paralysis…

But getting back to my point, it seems to be within human nature to look for a cause of a poor physical condition. Many faithful people who fall ill with one disease or another question God and many unfaithful people remain as such because they see that a believer’s God won’t save them.

But what if God did save faithful people from physical infirmity? Only the mafia would get Parkinson’s disease. The pope wouldn’t get Parkinson’s disease. Atheists would get tuberculosis. St. Therese wouldn’t get tuberculosis. And so people believe and worship God, not out of love, but out of a desire to avoid illness.

Exit question: If all things come from God, why is it that one is thought to be ‘blessed with good health,’ but not ‘blessed with poor health?’


One Response to “Earth Full of Lab Rats”

  1. Christopher said

    As if this body of mine that is decaying and breaking down at every moment (ok, after the age of about 25, 27 it starts to do that) is the end-all-be-all of who I am? This vessel of mine will break down, someday.
    The question is not "why oh why God did you do this to me?" but rather, "God oh God my body is racked in pain, draw me closer to Thee through this dark Friday!"
    Brother, I am waiting for that body of who-I-am-yet-to-be!

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