For all of you aspiring-debt-free individuals, you do know that your actions- if followed by a significant portion of the population- actually threatens the continuity of our entire fraudulent, financial system, right? AND there is the complete absurdity that IN NO WAY can every single individual pay off (through the current system) all of their debt? Watch the two below then return for the rest of my thoughts below.  video 1 & 2 (in case embedded video acts up)

So, where does that green piece of paper come from?  What value does it represent?

If you said it was created, ex nihilo by the Banks, and it, in fact, represents a debt (that is, money owed, or a negative quantity) you are correct.   I know several people striving to pay off all their debts- an admirable goal.  Think, though, what would happen if everyone tried to follow suit.  Given, that interest (usury) increases the total amount due beyond the total amount of money available, then it is impossible for a significant portion of the populace to repay their debt.  Why not?  Because money is debt and if all the debt is paid off, and no more is being borrowed, the system could equalize and suddenly, with no debt, there is no money, and the modern world would face a calamity perhaps unseen in all of human history.

OK, perhaps I’m overreacting to one random YouTube video.  If I am wrongly overreacting, explain this system and explain how we are not economic slaves to unknown masters.   If this vidoe is ridiculously false, then please produce one that explains how the intrinsic and crushing injustices perpetuated in the name of economics are justified.  And do not point to the current system and simply state, “look, it works!”  For my only response will be to nod, back away, and conclude you live under a rock and are unaware of the current economic crisis.

Solutions?  Pay off your debt!  Live within your means.  Seek economic emancipation.  Support those brave and hard-working enough to struggle to own their own means of production.  Argue against political enslavement: the curtailing of public debate, the stripping of the public square, the power-mongering of the federal government.  Learn more.  Start here: Distributism.